Hot Beautiful Yoga Poses Need to Know – Fern

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I love casual and glamorous equally. Glam coz I love dressing up and casual coz I’m a lazy bum!.

Despite the fact that I’m not big on romantic gestures, it is still candlelit dinner for me. There’s just something magical and special about it. I like eating at restaurants but I don’t mind takeaways either. I’m one of those who eat just about anything 🤭🤣🤣🤣. So plank variation…. I think this qualifies. I did this some time back and this is as straight a line as I can get. Good news is scare factor has definitely come down to almost nil👌 Do check out my amazing co-hosts for their wonderful variations. This gallery is coming along so beautifully with so many creative versions from all of you. In hindsight, we should have done a dress up too. That would have been so fun ♥️♥️😍💃🕺 .

Yoga star: Yoga with Fern

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini That she wore for the first time today An itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini So in the locker, she wanted to stay…. Ohhhh if you know where the lyrics came from you’ll know how I was afraid to come out of the locker too. Ok… House. I’ve got nothing about wearing bikinis, but bikinis during lockdown when you can’t use the pool makes it just that bit harder. The shorts helped 🤣🤣 So… Last day…. Pool firefly. This challenge has just zipped by and the gallery looks so so pretty with all the summery bikinis and photos. Thank you so much for bringing so much glamour into your lives and ours.