Vladislava Shelygina, Is it already warm in your city?

Just a reminder to keep vibrating higher. Abraham Hicks says with 18 seconds of focus on something you lock into energetic alignment with it. 30 seconds or more and you begin to draw it to you.

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know the rules so well that you feel comfortable breaking them. . . If my students aren’t listening to me I know I am doing my job correctly🤣 Ok only partly kidding….. but with yoga the goal is always listening and honoring ones own body of the moment. Even if you aren’t doing what the teacher is saying. If certain poses do not feel safe in my body in the moment I will not do them. . I was teaching my regular Ashtanga class last night and realized while talking to my students that it was time to change up what I was offering. It was clear as day and I found myself so grateful for the exchange between teacher and student. And the ever evolving nature of the practice of deepening awareness and attention. .. . I will soon be offering online live classes for YOU!! Stay tuned!! Sorry for the crotchy shot .. I will stop posting in a bathing suit one of these days but not yet. 🤣#ashtangi #yogini #corework #fitnessmotivation #flexiblegirls #boatpose @aloyoga